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4.61 pounds of Yarn En Route

So there was a terrible accident on the yarn website (elann if you must know), and this happened :

Shameful Yarn 1

“Christmas” yarn

As well as this:

Rest of Order

Kind of “Christmas”

This brings the recent yarn expenditures well over $200, and probably closing in on $300.  The best local yarn shoppe ever had a moving sale as they moved to an expanded space, and between what I got for myself and what I got for my mother-in-law’s Christmas present, my total was already a little high.

While working on R’s present, it occurred to me that I needed to start figuring out the rest of the Christmas knitting.  So that end, I ordered almost five pounds of yarn.

Except the first two items on the invoice are for me, for Maine summers, when we go up.  They’ll probably end up in use in the early spring here, but Dallas just barely out of winter is very similar to Maine at the height of summer.

The Baby Lace Merino, however, is for Christmas presents!  It will make some lovely lacy socks for my grandmas.  Or gloves.  My deep love of yarn, fabric, beads, butter and sugar all stems from the POSSIBILITIES!  Anything is POSSIBLE!

All I have to say about the Soleil shell stuff is they were practically giving the yarn away.

Finally, the Peruvian Baby Cashmere is the bulk of Christmas.  There are 15 balls of the stuff coming, which I’m hoping to turn into three pairs of the softest and warmest socks imaginable for my Dad, father-in-law and Granddaddy.

Ravelry is my crack.


English Luxury Clotted Cream

One of my favorite grocery stores is on the right hand side on my drive home every day.  The result of this happy accident is that almost every day (not exaggerating) I pop in and buy some ingredients for dinner.

I have yet to become one of those meal-planning people.  Right now I use my Friday afternoons to drive to the Local Yocal to buy some of the grassfed/pastured meat that they raise and sell and then spend the next week figuring out the best way to use it.  The challenge makes it fun, dinner as performance art.

The other side effect of the stopping every night, however, is that I end up with things like this:

English Luxury Clotted Cream

I’m not quite sure what to do with this, the back suggests using with scones.  Scones are not a favorite of mine, but I do have a lovely buckwheat cake that might play well with it.

I am trying to curb my impulse buys, but who can turn down packaging like that?  It’s English AND Luxury, wrapped in something out of a Wodehouse novel.

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