Making all kinds of messes

Sugar Free – Week 2+

I have made it through 2 weeks of being sugar free, with a caveat.  The caveat being this:

Delicious boozy shake

Granny’s Shake – vanilla, caramel sauce and whiskey

I had one milkshake while we were in Vegas.  It was vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and whiskey topped by some barely sweetened whipped cream.  It was amazing.
I did notice though, that the next few days I craved candy bars and other things that I hadn’t been drawn towards in more than a week.  Tricksy devil.

I will say that I haven’t been the strictest person on rooting the sugar out of my life.  I’m still eating ketchup and BBQ sauce, for instance, even though they have sugar in them.

The benefits I’ve noticed have been great – my skin is much clearer, I no longer “crash” and am much more alert in the afternoons, and just a general feeling of well-being.
Give it a try.


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