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8 Steps to a Pain Free Back – Step 1 is Excitement

A few years ago I hurt my neck in one of the stupidest ways imaginable – reading too long in the bathtub.  It was months before my neck successfully moved somewhat normally.  Since I wasn’t working at the time, seeing a doctor was not a priority, and the condition did slowly improve.

Since then, I have woken up with a sore, stiff neck and upper body more often than not.  The entire day is spent trying to work the kinks out, usually unsuccessfully.  Between that and the other back soreness that appears after walking, action needed to be taken while I’m still young and able bodied.

I just got the book “8 Steps to a Pain Free Back” by Esther Gokhale, and am very excited to begin working through it.  She is someone who started suffering from chronic back pain and spent years in intense study around the world, specifically of native world cultures.

In the first chapter alone, she builds a very compelling case that there is a natural, common posture and way of movement that is common throughout the world in non-industrialized areas.  In the US and other “first world” areas where chronic back pain is a serious problem, there is a photographic progression from the early 1900’s with “correct” posture to current day problematic posture.

I will be trying everything she suggests, and hopefully reporting success. If this is as miraculous as some of the referrals for the book suggest, there should be some spectacular results.  Here’s hoping!

Have you ever tried an “alternative” treatment method for treating ailments?  Did it work?


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