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8 Steps to a Pain Free Back – Step 1 is Excitement

A few years ago I hurt my neck in one of the stupidest ways imaginable – reading too long in the bathtub.  It was months before my neck successfully moved somewhat normally.  Since I wasn’t working at the time, seeing a doctor was not a priority, and the condition did slowly improve.

Since then, I have woken up with a sore, stiff neck and upper body more often than not.  The entire day is spent trying to work the kinks out, usually unsuccessfully.  Between that and the other back soreness that appears after walking, action needed to be taken while I’m still young and able bodied.

I just got the book “8 Steps to a Pain Free Back” by Esther Gokhale, and am very excited to begin working through it.  She is someone who started suffering from chronic back pain and spent years in intense study around the world, specifically of native world cultures.

In the first chapter alone, she builds a very compelling case that there is a natural, common posture and way of movement that is common throughout the world in non-industrialized areas.  In the US and other “first world” areas where chronic back pain is a serious problem, there is a photographic progression from the early 1900’s with “correct” posture to current day problematic posture.

I will be trying everything she suggests, and hopefully reporting success. If this is as miraculous as some of the referrals for the book suggest, there should be some spectacular results.  Here’s hoping!

Have you ever tried an “alternative” treatment method for treating ailments?  Did it work?


Tiny Houses! In Maine

You must go to the website Perfect Little Houses right now.  Then go to Tumbleweed Houses and look at them.  The last place is Tiny Texas Houses.  Go on, I’ll wait.
Are they not AMAZING?  That is everything I want in a vacation home/compound.  I say compound because we have a brand new house we built in Maine last year on my H’s land.

Maine Casa

Cutest Maine house, sidewalk in progress

Isn’t that adorable?  It’s a 2/1 place, with a ton more room than it looks/sounds like. I am DYING to get in there and decorate/liven it up.

Anyway, my Big Idea is to rent the place as a summer vacation home to other people until such time as we can use it ourselves.  And then, I want to add on via various small buildings, much the way the home in this post looks to have done.

So I’ve been looking at ways we could add on and give us additional cottages to bring in rental income, as well as places for my family to come up and enjoy the fabulous summer weather up there (it’s like a Texas Spring, in July).

And sincerely, I can’t get this sweet cottage setup out of my mind. I even like the odd angling of the outbuilding.  I know we’ll add a garage with an apartment above it first, and after that, I’m sure I’ll have more ideas than I know what to do with.

For now though, I’m forced to make plans from afar for the grounds, the interior, and then I can probably move on to more concrete decisions about fictional outbuildings.  I’m planning on two, one for my parents and one for my best friend and brother to split time at.

After seeing the tiny houses, do you have the urge to buy a property and just fill it with them?  I am dying to build one, they’re so small that I think we could do it on our own without subcontracting anything beyond the required plumbing/electricity.
Would you rent one if there were other renters you didn’t know at the same compound?

Vegas Baby!

Vegas is just too much.  I know it’s known for over the top excess, but until I spent the weekend there (doing fairly low-key stuff), I had no idea how much of an assault it is.


Vegas Strip at night

The muchness

So many people!  So many shops!  So many lights!  There’s a lot of a lot.

There’s a Northpark mall in the base of every casino I went to on The Strip.  The interiors were amazing, the shops were meh as far as I was concerned.

The same display in the window of identical Louis Vuitton shops was just weird.  The fact that I already have access to these places kind of ruined the “excitement” of them.

Cesear's Palace outside

I remember a construction company that was doing the interiors of the Venetian coming to A&M and showing their work.  They were responsible for the “sky” ceilings and all the other truly spectacular details. The name of the company was Italian, and Vegas and New York were their main markets.  I don’t think there was much interest from my classmates, it sounded vaguely mob-ish.

We caught the “O” Cirque de Soleil show, it was absolutely amazing what the performers were capable of.  The show felt very “French” in the sense that there was some kind of plot that I couldn’t quite follow.

We didn’t gamble and spent most of the time walking and eating, which I’m sure is a typical use of time.  Everything is so big and spread out and walking is the best way to get there.

For me the highlights included a Walgreens that looked better than most Sephora’s and was stocked with European and Japanese skincare and makeup lines.  It was fantastic.

The other main highlight was Topshop, which I’ve been to in Dublin and London over the years and LOVE, I picked up a pair of oxford booties for a steal.

All in all, I loved the buildings and the show we went to.  Didn’t love the people and just the overwhelming stimulation.  I spent all of the day after I got home de-compressing in the living room.

Does anyone over the age of 30 who doesn’t gamble or pursue “Adult activities” enjoy Vegas?


Sugar Free Day 4 – Revenge

Sugar has gone out of it’s way to emphasize that it is the devil.  I woke up with a pounding headache this morning, which sometimes happens (sinus headaches uhhhhh), but the pounding was in a different location than the sinus ones.  And my neck hurt.  And light hurt.

I lay there and slowly tried to figure out if I should panic about a possible migraine, or whether I had contracted West Nile and was going to spend the next two weeks in the hospital isolation unit.

Then I remembered, this is day 4 of being sugar free.  The day when most people on “cleanses” or diet changes experience the greatest kickback from their bodies.

I’m suffering from sugar withdrawal.  Boo on you sugar, boo on you.

Excedrin is a healing gift from God, because I’m almost functional after being awake for 4 hours and medicated for 3.

Beware of sugar!

4.61 pounds of Yarn En Route

So there was a terrible accident on the yarn website (elann if you must know), and this happened :

Shameful Yarn 1

“Christmas” yarn

As well as this:

Rest of Order

Kind of “Christmas”

This brings the recent yarn expenditures well over $200, and probably closing in on $300.  The best local yarn shoppe ever had a moving sale as they moved to an expanded space, and between what I got for myself and what I got for my mother-in-law’s Christmas present, my total was already a little high.

While working on R’s present, it occurred to me that I needed to start figuring out the rest of the Christmas knitting.  So that end, I ordered almost five pounds of yarn.

Except the first two items on the invoice are for me, for Maine summers, when we go up.  They’ll probably end up in use in the early spring here, but Dallas just barely out of winter is very similar to Maine at the height of summer.

The Baby Lace Merino, however, is for Christmas presents!  It will make some lovely lacy socks for my grandmas.  Or gloves.  My deep love of yarn, fabric, beads, butter and sugar all stems from the POSSIBILITIES!  Anything is POSSIBLE!

All I have to say about the Soleil shell stuff is they were practically giving the yarn away.

Finally, the Peruvian Baby Cashmere is the bulk of Christmas.  There are 15 balls of the stuff coming, which I’m hoping to turn into three pairs of the softest and warmest socks imaginable for my Dad, father-in-law and Granddaddy.

Ravelry is my crack.

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