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Tiny Houses! In Maine

You must go to the website Perfect Little Houses right now.  Then go to Tumbleweed Houses and look at them.  The last place is Tiny Texas Houses.  Go on, I’ll wait.
Are they not AMAZING?  That is everything I want in a vacation home/compound.  I say compound because we have a brand new house we built in Maine last year on my H’s land.

Maine Casa

Cutest Maine house, sidewalk in progress

Isn’t that adorable?  It’s a 2/1 place, with a ton more room than it looks/sounds like. I am DYING to get in there and decorate/liven it up.

Anyway, my Big Idea is to rent the place as a summer vacation home to other people until such time as we can use it ourselves.  And then, I want to add on via various small buildings, much the way the home in this post looks to have done.

So I’ve been looking at ways we could add on and give us additional cottages to bring in rental income, as well as places for my family to come up and enjoy the fabulous summer weather up there (it’s like a Texas Spring, in July).

And sincerely, I can’t get this sweet cottage setup out of my mind. I even like the odd angling of the outbuilding.  I know we’ll add a garage with an apartment above it first, and after that, I’m sure I’ll have more ideas than I know what to do with.

For now though, I’m forced to make plans from afar for the grounds, the interior, and then I can probably move on to more concrete decisions about fictional outbuildings.  I’m planning on two, one for my parents and one for my best friend and brother to split time at.

After seeing the tiny houses, do you have the urge to buy a property and just fill it with them?  I am dying to build one, they’re so small that I think we could do it on our own without subcontracting anything beyond the required plumbing/electricity.
Would you rent one if there were other renters you didn’t know at the same compound?



My new hubby and I are taking the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace course right now, and are really enjoying it.  We both have been pretty good with our money as single people, and have similar outlooks on debt, so we aren’t taking it for the “Debt” part as much as for the framework it gives to build our budget together.

I have a different idea of where money should be invested than H, of course, and we needed the communication guidelines as well as the motivation to actually sit down and do a real budget.

It has been very helpful for me in making me feel included in the budgeting process, instead of like a pesky line item added into the H’s budget.  Now we both have input and are working together on it, instead of me trying not to “mess up” H’s systems.

The topic last night was Insurance and I think it should be required for everyone graduating high school to take that particular section.  I remember making big insurance decisions in my first job, not really understanding them.  Especially when I got laid off, I was unclear on COBRA and my other insurance options, and ended up wasting literally THOUSANDS of dollars on unnecessary insurance coverage.

Because of last night, we are looking into our insurance responsibilities and are going to talk to our parents about their insurance.  The most important insurance you can have after age 60 is Health insurance and then Long Term Care insurance.  Long Term Care is for if you need to move into a nursing care facility, or have home health care provided.
I’m positive neither set has it (both are relatively good health, and young-mid 60’s), and from the information presented, it could be a life saver, literally.  Right now, not having priced any such insurance, I would be willing to pay part or all of a policy for the parents, I consider it that good of an investment.  Hopefully, they will be open to that discussion.

What is something you wish you had known about insurance before?  What would it have saved you?

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